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Explanation from the Five O'Clock Shadow Newsletter
Dublin, Ireland


We didn't get any suggestions for one this week, so here's our...




Remember how, as a wee nipper, way back before the so-called "Celtic Tiger", you would send that carefully handwritten note to Santa each year, explaining how you had been a really good boy/girl for 12 months (approx), and you hadn't really beaten up your little brother (much) or bitten many people at school (well, not drawn blood anyway)? Anyways, then you would continue writing: "Well seeing as I wuz really good, I want the following... [huge list of pressies]. Then you would write Santy's address on the envelope and your own address in full (From: Me, My Street, Our Town, Our Country, Planet Earth, The Universe etc) then you ask yer Ma or Da to post it. And then after this huge malarkey you'd get something completely totally 100% different????


It all begs the question: whatever happened to all them shagging letters to Santa? Why did everybody end up with crap colouring books, Y-fronts and soap on a rope?


Step forward David McCreery. David is a cool young photographer and designer from South Haven. But we love him for more than this. We want him to have our baby because David decided to send his letter to Santy via FedEx this year. He also took advantage of FedEx's tracking technology to see how far it'll go. Don't believe us? See: [above]